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From the Front Lines: 

Pharmacists Weigh in on Refills Management

With the pharmacy industry continually changing, PrimeRx is committed to ensuring we adapt to meet those changes.

Pharmacy owners have a lot at stake in ensuring a high-functioning refill process. This includes increased sales and revenue, improved Star Ratings, better reimbursement rates, DIR fee reductions, compliance facilitation and, of course, improved patient outcomes.

We spoke with two pharmacists who use PrimeRx, Hitesh Patel of Rapp’s Pharmacy in Trenton, New Jersey and AJ Patel of Blake Pharmacy in New Port Richey, Florida. Each shared insights about their refill processes, and about how PrimeRx has added efficiency to those processes.

With so much at stake, a pharmacy manager should have the best possible technology solution working on its behalf. As the preceding first-person accounts make clear, PrimeRx is the preferred choice, offering functionality unmatched by any other technology solution.