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Electronic Signature Capture

Pharmacies are legally responsible for capturing, validating, and maintaining patient signatures. Electronic Signature Management helps pharmacies easily meet these requirements. One less thing for pharmacists to worry about.

Electronic Signature Management is a HIPAA-compliant, electronic signature tool that captures electronic signatures and maintains them within an electronic customer signature log. All signatures are stored within the PrimeRx™ pharmacy management system.

Electronic Signature Management Features and Benefits

  • Patients provide signatures at point-of-sale. Signatures are automatically scanned and linked to the patient’s record within PrimeRx.
  • A single signature can be used for multiple prescriptions.
  • Allows for family member medication pickups.
  • Consistent with HIPAA requirements, signatures are automatically date/time stamped at point of collection. Signatures can easily be collected for a wide range of pharmacy purposes, including:
    • HIPAA requirements.
    • Easy-off cap requests.
    • Counseling.
    • Third party release authorizations.
  • Pharmacy staff can quickly determine if a prescription has been picked up, or is still in the bin.
  • Detailed information indicates the person who picked up the prescription, as well as the date and time of pickup.
  • The solution can be used with the PrimePOS point-of-sale solution to facilitate retail sales and credit/debit payments. This includes PCI-DSS compliant payment processing through our partners Worldpay/Vantiv® for Verifone, OpenEdge® for Ingenico, Heartland Global Payment Systems®, and Elavon®.
  • Determines if the patient has signed the pharmacy’s Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP). If the policy has not been signed, the system provides a place for the patient to sign and confirm receipt of the NOPP.
  • No longer must pharmacy staff be tethered to a point-of-sale electronic signature pad. Instead, Electronic Signature Management allows electronic signature functionality via a tablet or iPad.  This feature is especially helpful for home deliveries, and in managing pharmacy drive-thru windows.
  • Pharmacy managers can easily retrieve signature logs for easy compliance with audit requests and internal reporting needs.
  • Electronic Signature Management offers the highest levels of security, which includes encryption of all data, and strict log-in protocols for all system users.

PrimeRx is a Leading Choice Among Pharmacy Owners

Rely on PrimeRx for the technology you need to simplify pharmacy workflows and maximize efficiency and cost savings.  Our integrated platform offers peace of mind that all processes are working so that you can focus on your patients and business. Speak with a product specialist today!