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Simple Solutions for the Complex Needs of Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty pharmacies need solutions that go beyond the capabilities of most pharmacy management systems. PrimeRx provides specialty pharmacies with a technology solution for their unique record-keeping, patient care, and analytical needs.

PrimeRx accomodates specialty and retail pharmacy needs through a customized workflow process. Our system can easily be programmed to manage multiple customized specialty prescriptions while a separate script processes regular prescription workflow.

PrimeRx Specialty pharmacy focuses on high-cost, high-touch medication therapy for patients with complex disease states—medications in specialty pharmacy range from oral to cutting-edge injectable and biological products.

What to Look for in a Specialty Pharmacy Management System

Combining patient prescriptions into a single order – or “batch” – offers a convenient way for patients to manage prescriptions and helps boost medication adherence.  PrimeRx allows pharmacists to easily provide this service – with just a few clicks.

Clinical assessments are evolving.  Pharmacists need to capture increasingly complex and detailed patient information and have continual access to that data. With PrimeRx™, it’s never been easier to create, maintain, and access these critical assessments.

  • System should seamlessly submit claims using standard NCPDP messaging codes
  • Automatically format claims to meet each payor’s precise requirements
  • Demonstrate compliance with all accreditation requirements
  • Seamlessly collect pertinent data on all aspects of pharmacy operations
  • Analysis of medication usage and outcomes
  • E-mail, text and phone reminders when a refill is required
  • 24/7 capability to request refills
  • Two-way messaging which allows a patient to send a note back to the pharmacy
  • Targeted, Disease/Condition-Specific Messaging Allows a specialty pharmacy to group patients based on their condition or illness, and generate texts reminding patients about the importance of adherence
  • Interactive Care Team Engagement whereby a patient’s care team is provided with regular updates regarding a patient’s condition, including adherence-related information
  • Automated packaging solutions that reflect the unique characteristics of many specialty medications
  • Reference materials provided at point-of-sale that help patients understand their medications
  • System should seamlessly transmit approval requests directly to the payor
  • Capability to track request status until it has been acted upon

Customized real-time reports to meet the patient and business needs unique to today’s specialty pharmacies. Report capabilities should include:

  • Patient progress
  • Patient referrals
  • Specific information requests from payers and manufacturers
  • Claims status.
  • Business-related reports regarding financials and performance
  • Proper documentation for any audit inquiries
  • Ability to seamlessly exchange patient information in real time with patient care team providers
  • Easy-to-use process for managing core dispensing and refill workflows
  • Ability to customize key functions to reflect unique pharmacy needs
  • Ability to easily update patient information and include notes and observations
  • Electronic prescription processing
  • Automatic tracking of patient progress and adherence
  • Medication synchronization to boost adherence
  • Insurance verification.
  • Automatic claims filing
  • Extensive report capabilities
  • Automatic inventory management.

PrimeRx — a Leading Choice Among Specialty Pharmacy Owners

Rely on PrimeRx for the technology you need to simplify pharmacy workflows and maximize efficiency and cost savings.  Our integrated platform offers peace of mind that all processes are working so that you can focus on your patients and business. Speak with a product specialist today!