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Choosing a pharmacy management software solution can be overwhelming.  A quick Google search reveals dozens of options, with each using words like

Beginning in January 2024 direct and indirect remuneration (DIR) fees will no longer be collected retroactively.  Instead, they will be collected up

Specialty drugs are in a unique class for a variety of reasons including their high cost, complex formulations, targeted purpose, limited supply,

November 27, 2023, should be a date pharmacists have circled in red on their calendars.  That’s the date when key provisions of

Back in 2020, which seems like a lifetime ago, Micro Merchant Systems CEO Ketan Mehta was asked in a ComputerTalk discussion about

We’ve all heard the “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? joke, whose punch line of course is “Practice, practice, practice.” But

In the past few weeks, Express Scripts, one of the nation’s largest PBMs, issued a reminder to pharmacies about the need to follow

The Express Scripts Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has previously sent reminders to ensure that the co-payment collection guidelines are being followed. Express

Prescription auto-refill programs are win-win initiatives for pharmacies and patients.  Patients benefit from a convenient refill process and improved medication adherence, while

Twenty percent of the U.S population speak a foreign language at home. This means that when it comes to prescription labels, the

The first-ever “Cost of Dispensing Study” released in January 2020 found, on average, that dispensing a specialty prescription drug required 51 minutes.  Several time-consuming

“Heartbreaking” and “frustrating” are two words that likely come to mind when pharmacists encounter the three in ten patients who cite cost

An estimated 4 in 10 patients ask their pharmacist for less expensive medication alternatives. Responding to these requests is time-consuming, requiring  an

California licensed pharmacies offering automatic prescription refill programs will have to follow new restrictions and shortcomings. California approved Board of Pharmacy regulations

The 2021 NCPA Digest reports that 84 percent of community pharmacists offer influenza immunizations, with 80 percent offering shots for non-flu-related illnesses. And while