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Retail Pharmacy

Your pharmacy is your life’s work. An investment in your patients, your community, and your financial well-being. Trust PrimeRx to seamlessly manage even the smallest details, so you can focus on growing your pharmacy.

For decades PrimeRx has been the trusted partner for pharmacies on their mission to create healthier communities.

We offer solutions that allow pharmacies to thrive.  Our software addresses all aspects of pharmacy operations and can be customized to meet each pharmacy’s unique needs.  And best of all, our solutions are extremely user-friendly, and built with today’s busy pharmacies in mind. Local pharmacies put their communities first, and the difference shows.  We are proud to offer solutions that help pharmacies operate more efficiently and achieve better health outcomes.

What to Look for in a Pharmacy Management System

An “all-in-one solution” that offers a broad range of functionality within a single operating system

A system that is easy to use, follows a logical process, minimizes keystrokes, and avoids having to jump between screens

Data is everything, so choose a system that allows you to generate customized reports across a wide range of pharmacy topics

Good record keeping is essential to regulatory compliance, and for inevitable audit procedures.  Choose a system that seamlessly stores all pharmacy and patient records and ensures quick access

A solution that can be configured to meet your pharmacy’s specific needs

Choose a system that makes it easier to serve your patients and offers all the functionality you need

Your system should facilitate patients’ ability to engage with your pharmacy.  This includes everything from viewing their medication histories and ordering refills, to viewing OTC products, managing loyalty rewards, and so much more

A good system will be regularly updated with new features that expand functionality and address changing pharmacy needs

Technology is continually evolving, with new solutions seeming to appear on a daily basis.  Choose a technology system that offers direct integration with the industry’s most innovative and helpful solutions.  Make sure you can access the third-party solution without having to log onto another system

Good customer service is vital.  Make sure your system provider offers 24/7 service options, with fast access to trained technicians

Rely on PrimeRx™ for the technology you need to simplify pharmacy workflows and maximize efficiency and cost savings. PrimeRx™ seamlessly manages core pharmacy operations, so you can focus on serving your patients and growing your business.

Pharmacist in the Spotlight

PrimeRX Client Plainsboro Pharmacy

Plainsboro Pharmacy Owner Sees Big Changes Ahead for Pharmacies, with Technology Helping to Guide the Way

Both Yousry and Heba Macksoud are grateful for the extensive capabilities available through PrimeRx, and credit the technology with helping to improve workflow efficiency and overall pharmacy operations.

“PrimeRx allows me to be on top of my inventory without having to pay a company to come in to count. I’m constantly looking at what’s on my shelves and reviewing historical data. The system makes it so easy,”

PrimeRx™ Pro

The PrimeRx Pro package is the ideal solution for sophisticated retail pharmacies. It includes a very comprehensive set of functionalities that streamline workflows and optimize the daily tasks of the system’s users. PrimeRx Pro is highly configurable in order to meet each pharmacy’s unique needs.