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Advertise on PrimeRx MARKET

Connecting Pharmaceutical Buyers and Sellers

Whether you are a product manufacturer or wholesale supplier, grow your business with the purchasing power of PrimeRx MARKET’s pharmaceutical buying members. PrimeRx MARKET’s members only platform shows your advertising to those with the buying power.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software - primerx of micro merchant systems

With PrimeRx MARKET Advertising You Can

• Increase Market Share
• Build Brand Recognition
• Target Audience Marketing
• Versatility in Ad Presentation

PrimeRx pharmacy management software - primerx of micro merchant systems

The Value of Your PrimeRx MARKET Partnership

• 10 million page views annually
• 13,200 members and growing
• 1 IN 3 independent pharmacies use PrimeRx MARKET
• 200,000+ pharma buyers in our database

Over 700,000 Ad Impressions per month

  • Within our members online portal, we can place your banner ad in either the header or footer area.
  • Provide your artwork and applicable link, or let our team design your ad to maximize its effectiveness and your marketing dollars!

Pharmacy Popup Message

Highest ROI

  • Pharmacy Popup Message displays at each login and each member must click close to close message.
  • Each member is auto logged off overnight to ensure the message displays each day.
  • The Average Pharmacy logs in to PrimeRx MARKET three times per day, displaying the message three times to each Pharmacy member.

Daily Email Banner

  • Your banner placed at the top of every daily email we send out to our core buyers (a total of 4,628).
  • Will be sent out 5 days a week for a month.
  • The average open rate is 38%.