A Single-Platform Solution for Health System Pharmacies

PrimeRx helps manage enterprise pharmacies with an all-in-one platform that provides functionality for the diverse needs of health systems. ​

PrimeRx is a User-Friendly Solution for Today’s Diverse Health System Pharmacy Needs

Health system pharmacists are fully invested in patient outcomes, offering a rich portfolio of services and medications over the course of a busy day. PrimeRx makes it easier to administer and manage pharmacy operations. Our solution offers comprehensive functionality for your pharmacy’s needs. This means a dramatic reduction in the amount of staff time spent on workflow issues, and more time for patient and care team engagement.

From hospitals to clinics to long-term care facilities, health system pharmacies are found in a range of healthcare settings. But regardless of their location, these pharmacists manage comprehensive patient medication and clinical service needs, operating within a continually changing environment. PrimeRx adds efficiency with comprehensive functionality that automates and simplifies key processes.

What to Look for in a Health System Pharmacy Management Software

  • Easy-to-use process for managing core dispensing and refill workflows
  • Ability to customize key functions to reflect unique pharmacy needs
  • Ability to maintain comprehensive records for each patient that can be easily updated
  • Prescription processing
    • Electronic prescription processing
    • Fax capabilities
    • Document scanning capabilities
  • Insurance verification.
  • Automatic claims filing
  • Extensive report capabilities
  • Automatic inventory management
    • Including multiple inventory capabilities
    • Direct integration with multiple wholesalers
      • Visibility into pricing comparisons
  • Custom workflow
  • Prescription Validation
  • Label generation
  • Cycle Filling
  • Batch Filling
  • Automated Refills
    • Refill program consent/compliance capability
  • Physician order form processing
  • “Red Flag” alerts regarding potential patient risks
  • Access to patient medication information in multiple languages and formats
  • Prior authorization management

PrimeRx™️ inventory management features include:

Comprehensive Inventory Tracking: PrimeRx tracks quantities of all medications, including pills, liquids, and refrigerated and shelved materials. Inventory levels are automatically adjusted each time a medication is dispensed, including ingredients used in compounding.

  • Ability to create and easily update extensive patient records
  • eMAR, electronic health record (HER), and CPESN/eCare Plan capabilities
  • Ability to record notes and observations, and track patient progress
  • Ability to share records across patient healthcare teams
  • Real-time prescription benefit visibility for improved medication access
  • Automated packaging solutions that reflect the unique characteristics of many specialty medications
  • Blister packs and other types of patient-friendly packaging options
  • System should seamlessly submit claims using standard NCPDP messaging codes
  • Automatically format claims to meet each payor’s precise requirements
  • Demonstrate compliance with all accreditation requirements
  • Seamless, secure transactions
  • Ability to accept major credit cards as well as FSA/HSA cards
  • Signature capture
  • E-mail, text, and phone reminders when a refill is required
  • 24/7 capability to request refills
  • Two-way messaging which allows a patient to send a note back to the pharmacy
  • Interactive Care Team Engagement whereby a patient’s care team is provided with regular updates regarding a patient’s condition, including adherence-related information

PrimeRx Plus

PrimeRx Plus package is our most comprehensive solution for hospitals and health systems, offering a full suite of services to keep large-scale pharmacies running smoothly and efficiently. Our tool kit offers tools for POS and Delivery, Clinical Care Management, Medication Affordability, and more.