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Compounding Pharmacy Software Management Solution

Compounding pharmacies provide patients with customized medications to meet their unique healthcare needs. But with this critical service comes increased regulatory requirements, patient care, record keeping, and inventory management needs.

PrimeRx™ delivers several capabilities that address compounding pharmacy needs:

  • PrimeRx tracks all pharmacy medications, including inventory stored in refrigerators and bulk storage areas. Specific to compounding pharmacies, the system automatically deducts drug quantities used for each compound
  • The system identifies medications that have become obsolete or passed their expiration dates
  • PrimeRx works within the compounding pharmacy to integrate with wholesalers and distributors for seamless ordering
  • PrimeRx integrates with the Food and Drug Administration’s National Drug Code Directory. Pharmacists rely on this capability to verify the NDC codes of all drug mixture components
  • Pharmacy staff can document the exact blend of drugs dispensed to each patient and record specific information and notes about each patient interaction. Easy access to an updated log of patient medications speeds up the refill process and ensures proper dispensing
  • Pharmacists can capture notes about patient allergies and other potential medication conflicts. The pharmacist can use those notes as guidance in preparing patient medications
  • PrimeRx assists with the specialized storage needs. This includes temperature-control sensors that automatically register readings and generate an alert if a disruption occurs
  • Good record keeping is essential to regulatory compliance. PrimeRx seamlessly stores all documentation related to core processes, including electronic prescriptions, dispensing records, correspondence with prescribers, and inventory records
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PrimeRx™ Pro

The PrimeRx Pro package is the ideal solution for sophisticated retail pharmacies. It includes a very comprehensive set of functionalities that streamline workflows and optimize the daily tasks of the system’s users. PrimeRx Pro is highly configurable in order to meet each pharmacy’s unique needs.the daily tasks of the system’s users. PrimeRx Pro is highly configurable in order to meet each pharmacy’s unique needs.


What does a compounding pharmacy do?

A compounding pharmacy specializes in preparing customized medications for patients. Unlike standard pharmacies that dispense mass-produced pharmaceuticals, compounding pharmacies create formulations tailored to individual needs.

This can involve adjusting dosages, combining multiple medications into a single dose, altering the form of a medication (such as turning a pill into a liquid or cream), or flavoring a medication to make it more palatable, especially useful for children or pets. This personalized approach helps accommodate specific health requirements, allergies, or preferences that cannot be met with off-the-shelf medications.

Compounding pharmacies use a variety of specialized tools that differ from those found in a standard pharmacy. Some of the essential tools include:

  • Mortar and pestle: For grinding and mixing ingredients.
  • Electronic balances: For precise measurement of ingredients.
  • Ointment mills: To ensure that topical formulations are smooth and uniform.
  • Capsule filling machines: For encapsulating custom medication dosages.
  • Hot plates and magnetic stirrers: For heating and mixing ingredients effectively.
  • Refrigerators and freezers: For storing ingredients and medications that require controlled temperatures.
  • pH meters and UV spectrophotometers: For ensuring the stability and compatibility of formulations.

The primary difference between a standard pharmacy and a compounding pharmacy lies in their service offerings. A standard pharmacy dispenses medications that are mass-produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers, adhering to dosages and forms that are commonly prescribed.

In contrast, a compounding pharmacy provides customized medications based on a prescriber’s specifications to meet the unique needs of an individual patient. This might be necessary when standard drug formulations are not suitable due to dosages, allergies, or specific patient requirements.

Software in a compounding pharmacy plays a crucial role in ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in creating customized medications. Some commonly used types of software include:

  • Compounding software: Specific for creating formulations and calculating precise dosages.
  • Pharmacy management systems: For managing prescriptions, inventory, billing, and patient information. Many systems also integrate compounding functionalities.
  • Electronic medical records (EMR) systems: To maintain accurate and accessible patient records.
  • Regulatory compliance software: To help ensure that the pharmacy adheres to state and federal regulations.

PrimeRx offers software tailored for compounding pharmacies that includes all the types mentioned above.