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Document Management System (DMS)

Pharmacy documents come in all shapes and sizes. Our document management solution converts hard copy documents into digital files for easy access and seamless storage within PrimeRx™.

Features & Capabilities

A HIPAA-compliant software tool for your pharmacy’s document management needs.

  • Windows-compatible scanners allow fast, seamless document processing
  • Converts documents into digital images which are stored electronically and attached to their respective records within PrimeRx
  • Eliminates the need to retrieve hard copies of documents for verification 
  • Files are easily accessible to facilitate audit responses.
  • Ideal for physical documents including prescriptions, driver’s licenses and other types of patient IDs, insurance statements, invoices, prescriber correspondence, and all other non-electronic documents

Highly-Intuitive, Effortless Scanning Process

  • 3 prescription scanning workflows
    • Before filling the prescription (intake process)
    • During prescription filling
    • After prescription filling
  • Prescription image displays on the screen during the refill process.  This allows the pharmacist a second look at a prescription which helps prevent dispensing errors
  • Pharmacists can add notes and follow-ups to digital files
  • Batch scanning of hard-copy records

Electronic Access to Documents that Arrive in Hard Copy Form

  • Digital files appended to respective records
  • Helps pharmacies minimize physical space needed for file storage
  • Images are backed up daily for added security
  • Patient information, including ID and insurance information is kept on file This helps provide a better patient experience by eliminating the need to produce these materials at every visit
  • Ensures seamless reconciliation since all statements and checks can be scanned and attached to their respective records
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