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A New Era in Pharmacy Flexibility and Freedom is Here with

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What is PrimeRx CLOUD?

PrimeRx CLOUD is the first comprehensive cloud-based pharmacy management software designed specifically for the independent pharmacy market.

PrimeRx CLOUD allows pharmacy owners the flexibility and freedom to manage day-to-day workflows from anywhere, safely and securely via an internet-connected computer.

The system offers many of the capabilities featured in the PrimeRx
system, but with the convenience and efficiencies inherent to a cloud-based solution.

Why PrimeRx CLOUD?

Technology has already done so much to improve pharmacy operations. Now, PrimeRx CLOUD takes those capabilities to the next level, with the flexibility and freedom to manage your pharmacy from anywhere.

The PrimeRx CLOUD Package Services:

Controlled Substance Reporting (CSR)

An automated Controlled Substance Reporting (CSR) service tracks and reports controlled substance information to the appropriate agencies.

Inbound/Outbound Electronic Faxing

Allows secure management of fax communications that flow between pharmacies, medical offices, and healthcare facilities.

Elsevier Medication Counseling Language Packages

Expand the language functionality of your PrimeRx beyond English and Spanish with the addition of Elsevier’s MED counselor solutions. Help your patients understand how to take their medications safely and effectively with either the MEDcounselor Multiple 8 or 16 Language Counselling Modules - starting with Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian and more.

eVoucher & Denial Conversion Services

Excessive copays and denied claims prevent patients from obtaining their medications. But they also mean lost sales for the pharmacy, and staff time spent identifying therapeutic alternatives. Now though, there is a win-win solution. PrimeRx eVoucher & Denial Conversion Services allows patients to get the medications they need while pharmacies enhance their bottom lines.

Data Conversion

PrimeRx provides data migration services from most 3rd party pharmacy management systems.


Facilitates the drug shipping process by identifying prescriptions to be shipped, generating labels, and tracking information seamlessly and accurately. The solution operates through PrimeRx, and interfaces with designated shipping partners.

Pharmacy Operations just took a big step forward with PrimeRx CLOUD.

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