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Pharmacy Tech Trends Podcast

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The PrimeRx podcast series is your source for valuable insights into the world of independent pharmacies, where industry thought leaders engage in enlightening conversations about the hottest topics in the pharmacy industry.

Episode #1

Bridging The Gap: Technology and Value-Based Care in Pharmacy

In this podcast episode, you will gain insights into the crucial role of technology in advancing the Value-Based Care movement for pharmacists. The discussions will provide a comprehensive understanding of how technological innovations are shaping the landscape of pharmacy management and contributing to the evolution of Value-Based Care practices in the field.

Jay Williams

Director of Marketing
& Communications,

Ketan Mehta


Brad Tabaac

Pharmacy Director
Friendly Pharmacy

Episode #1

Bridging the Gap: Tech’s vital role in the Value-Based Care Movement


Todd Eury


Jay Williams, Ketan Mehta,
Brad Tabaac

Bridging the Gap: Tech’s vital role in the Value-Based Care Movement

This episode’s discussion is centered around the critical role that technology plays in the Value-Based Care Movement through 3rd party integrations.

The hosts and guests highlighted how innovative tech solutions are transforming healthcare by seamlessly connecting different aspects of patient care. These integrations enable healthcare providers to deliver more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-centered care, aligning with the principles of value-based care.

The podcast explored various examples and benefits of technology integrations, emphasizing their significance in improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

Discover how cutting-edge tech solutions are reshaping healthcare, improving patient outcomes, and lowering costs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights.

Want to dive deeper into the crucial role of technology in the Value-Based Care Movement via integrations?

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