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340B Pharmacies

Pharmacies that contract to support 340B covered entities help ensure medication accessibility to vulnerable patient populations. Providing 340B services requires careful compliance with program mandates, including separate inventory management and meticulous record keeping.

340B pharmacy - primerx

What to Look for in a Pharmacy Management System

We work with 340B pharmacies to develop solutions for those specific needs.  We help pharmacies manage their 340B inventories and records right alongside other pharmacy operations.  No need for separate systems.  Just seamless, comprehensive management with full visibility into all pharmacy operations.  Real-time solutions for real-life needs.

Evaluate the cost price with the same-day GPO price in a daily report of total savings by fully accounting for all 340B and WAC purchase savings and loss effects.

Track and view compound drug investments with NDCs tracking feature while storing all unique ingredients of the compounded drugs.

Data is everything, so choose a system that allows you to generate customized reports across a wide range of pharmacy topics. Stay focused on your pharmacies 340B regulations, determine financial status.

Detailed analytics to help 340B pharmacy owner or manager make informed purchasing decisions and find operational opportunities.

  • Stay organized and evaluate 340B medication list with participating manufacturers and wholesalers
  • 340B Pricing/Covered Outpatient Drugs. Identify drug manufacturers participating in the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program to provide covered outpatient drugs.

Our high-touch customer relationship approach ensures you get the most innovative solution for your pharmacy and a trusted team to help you navigate today’s increasingly complex 340B environment.

PrimeRx Essential

The ideal solution for 340B pharmacy owners.  The PrimeRx Essential package includes comprehensive management for all core workflows, patient account management, HIPAA-compliant electronic signature solutions, document management, controlled substance reporting, and eVoucher capabilities. Owners also benefit from access to the MyPrimeRx owners app and the PrimeInventory™ remote inventory management app.

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