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10 Benefits of PrimeRx CLOUD

Empower Your Pharmacy, Anywhere, Anytime and Elevate Efficiency with Our Browser-Based Pharmacy Management Software.

PrimeRx CLOUD is the first comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pharmacy management solution designed specifically for the independent pharmacy market.

The system features capabilities found in the iconic on-premises PrimeRx pharmacy management system, with the flexibility and efficiencies of a cloud-based system.

what is saas?

Software-as-a-Service is a web-based software application hosted on a cloud service provider’s (CSP) infrastructure.

The CSP vendor manages the entire SaaS platform, and users access the software through an internet connection. A subscription-based SaaS solution uses SaaS software licenses that businesses pay for on a monthly basis.

KEY PrimeRx CLOUD Benefits:

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareAccess from Anywhere

If you have an internet-connected device with a browser installed, then you have access to your pharmacy. No limits, and no need for a special connection. With PrimeRx CLOUD, you can manage your pharmacy – including refill queues and other workflows — from anywhere, at any time.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareAutomatic, Regular Updates

Our technicians continually develop new capabilities and improve existing functionality. PrimeRx CLOUD is automatically updated with each new release. No need to download new software or reboot your system. And no disruption to your pharmacy’s activities.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareCost Efficiency

PrimeRx CLOUD is offered on a monthly subscription basis. And, since all data is stored in the cloud, there’s no need for upfront IT investments such as expensive servers, installation, and maintenance.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareScalability

As your pharmacy grows with more locations, employees, customers, and processing and storage needs, PrimeRx CLOUD is ready to meet your specific needs.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareEnhanced Security

PrimeRx CLOUD is built using the latest technologies and deployed in a secure environment. This ensures data is well protected with the latest controls including regular backups and disaster recovery protocols.

More Benefits...

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareInventory Management

Separate perpetual inventories per medication category allow for optimized management of your stock, thereby minimizing capital cost and optimizing profitability.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareReal-Time Prescription Benefit Integration

Direct integration with Real-Time Prescription Benefit solution from Surescripts at no additional cost. Access to immediate information about patient copays and less-costly alternatives.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareMedication Adherence through Patient Engagement

Comprehensive patient record keeping and 2-way communication capabilities. Full visibility into patient histories including a color-coded patient adherence score, and automated processes for generating accurate, timely messages.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareIntegrated Knowledgebase

Easy access from the homepage to updated system information. Your PrimeRx CLOUD user’s guide helps ensure you take full advantage of the system’s capabilities. Updated “release notes” quickly explain new features and updates.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareEase of Use

The system is presented in a logical format that does not require extensive training. Floating windows eliminate the need to toggle between screens. And extensive use of predictive text eliminates keystrokes and minimizes the risk of data entry mistakes.

Pharmacy Operations just took a big step forward with PrimeRx CLOUD.

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