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PrimeRx Pharmacy Management Software

Elevate your pharmacy's productivity with PrimeRx, a comprehensive pharmacy management software designed to streamline and optimize all facets of your operations.
PrimeRx pharmacy management software

We built PrimeRx to meet the needs of today’s pharmacies. We interact daily with pharmacists who tell us about their pain points and describe the challenges of operating in today’s highly-regulated, price-driven, patient-centric environment. We are proud to deliver solutions that make a difference and help make it easier for pharmacists to succeed, guiding them on their journey to build healthier communities.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software includes these features, services, and apps:

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareAutomated Refill Management​ 

The software has an intuitive “at a glance” Refill Compliance Dashboard showing daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled refills. Customize the dashboard to include preferred refill metrics, daily scheduling, medication adherence synching, and expired refills.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwarePatient Account Management 

Pharmacists can access a patient’s profile and medication history to ensure better recommendations. The software maintains ongoing records of all prescription medications, immunizations, notes, eCare Plan, and the clinical assessment module.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareCompounding​ →

Our solution offers compounding pharmacies advanced features including automated inventory, record keeping, integration with National Drug Code, and patient records management to provide patients with customized medications to meet their unique healthcare needs.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwarePatient Engagement→

Ensure higher patient engagement leading to better health outcomes: message patients with our Pharmacy Communication Module, a two-way SMS text and email solution. Moreover, FillMyRefills is an online portal allowing patients to submit refill requests directly to PrimeRx pharmacy software.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software Dispensing Management 

The system includes bin management for prescription pickup visibility and efficiency, incoming prescription management, automatic inventory adjustments, and automatic label queue management, saving time on manual entry and allowing pharmacy staff time for patient-focused tasks.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwarePrimeRxPAY™ →

Offer patients a secure way to pay co-payments from their mobile devices. Send an SMS text to patients. Funds are deposited into the pharmacy’s account upon payment, and a receipt is emailed to the patient.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareInventory Management →

Seamlessly track inventory levels in compliance with state and federal requirements, transmit electronic orders with wholesalers, show cost comparisons between wholesalers, and receive updates of actual costs listed in EDI files received from wholesalers.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareRefill Compliance Dashboard​

Busy pharmacists can have “at a glance” visibility into all refill management processes. The dashboard can customize its dashboard, choosing from various metrics, including send refills due, refill requests, missed refills, and refill gaps.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareMedication Conflicts Management

The system recognizes potential medication conflict alerts by sending pop-up red flag alerts identifying unsafe combinations of prescription medications and alerting the pharmacist of specific drug interactions and comparing them to the patient’s profile.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareReport Generation

The extensive report-generation capabilities allow a pharmacist complete visibility into all aspects of the pharmacy. These reports will enable the manager or owner to identify areas of operation that are working well, along with opportunities for improvement.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareMultiple Inventory Management→

Pharmacies can track and manage multiple inventories via unique inventory “buckets” — all within the PrimeRx operating system. Each inventory exists within its own bucket and operates based on requirements specific to that inventory.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareTask Manager

With the software’s task manager, you can set reminders and “to-do”; using the system’s built-in electronic reminder function and follow-up messaging tool.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareTargeted Solutions for Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care, and Assisted Living Pharmacy Management→

Pharmacies that serve in-patient communities can trust PrimeRx™ for solutions that address their specific needs. We facilitate the dispensing process, help manage record-keeping and compliance requirements, and add efficiency to these pharmacists’ valuable services.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareWorkflow Efficiencies

PrimeRx automates and simplifies all pharmacy workflows, freeing up valuable staff time. Dispensing, refills, inventory, claims, federal/state compliance, and data backup, are among many processes that can be managed seamlessly. Best of all, our software is extremely user- friendly, and can be customized for each pharmacy’s unique needs.

Enhanced Features and Add-ons

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwarePrimeRx Specialty →

Offers specialty pharmacies with a technology solution for unique record-keeping, patient care, and analytical needs through a highly configurable customizable workflow. Monitor the high cost of inventory intake with customized reporting. Improve the dispensing process and compliance requirements, making monitoring patient outcomes easier.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software

Delivery Management Solutions→

Often patients cannot get to the pharmacy due to an ailment or forget to pick up their prescription. Improve patient engagement and adherence by delivering medications to their doorsteps or curbside.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwarePoint of Sale→

Spend more time with patients and discover how the POS system can help you spend less time on paperwork, accounting, inventory management, sales record keeping, etc. Secure payment processing for credit and debit cards and FSA/HSA cards.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software Provider Web Portal→

A HIPAA-compliant web portal for providers, LTC/ALF facilities, caregivers, specialty pharmacy personnel. Grant them access to patient data from the convenience of a PC, tablet, smartphone, or internet-connected device, eliminating time-consuming phone calls and faxes when facilitating important decisions.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareElectronic Signature Capture (ESC)→ 

Electronic Signature Capture is a HIPAA-compliant, electronic signature tool that captures electronic signatures and maintains them within an electronic customer signature log. All signatures are stored within the PrimeRx™ pharmacy management system.​

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareCentral Management Portal →

Solve the unique challenge faced by multiple pharmacy owners—complete visibility into all aspects of each location. Information can be accessed in a variety of formats; at the individual store level, store-by-store comparisons, and an overview of the entire network.

PrimeRx pharmacy management softwareDocument Management Solutions→

Digitize documents by scanning prescription hard copies, faxed orders, delivery slips, driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and letters. Securely backup documents directly into the patient record. Eliminate the need to retrieve hard copies for verifications and audits.
Our Most Popular Solution

PrimeRx Pro

The PrimeRx Pro package is the ideal solution for sophisticated retail pharmacies. It includes a very comprehensive set of functionalities that streamline workflows and optimize the daily tasks of the system’s users. PrimeRx Pro is highly configurable in order to meet each pharmacy’s unique needs.