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Physicians' Office

Physicians that provide on-site access to patient medications offer a valuable service, namely the convenience of avoiding a trip to the pharmacy. But in doing so, they also improve the likelihood that patients will take their medications as prescribed.

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What to Look for in a Pharmacy Management System

We are pleased to support these prescribers with comprehensive solutions that enable seamless dispensing, record keeping, and patient account management.  As more and more physicians incorporate pharmacy services into their practices we will stand ready with solutions that automate and simplify the process.

The PrimeRx customized workflow will help the staff reduce workload, increase patient satisfaction, and grow revenue for the healthcare provider while the patient benefits from in-office prescription dispensing solutions. Point-of-care dispensing provides an easy way to get prescriptions into the hands of patients while the provider helps build healthier communities.

The PrimeRx easy-to-use prescription processing, workflow management, claims processing, labeling & dispensing, inventory management, and patient record management is an all-in-one win-win for physician offices.

Generate electronic orders with wholesalers based on your customized drug ordering parameters.

Ability to show cost comparisons between wholesalers.

National Drug Code (NDC) directory to verify prescribed medications and list proper drug codes on all documentation.

Tools to facilitate 5-Star ratings, medication synchronization, clinical assessments, patient commutation, and business analytics functions.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enabled ordering, inventory, and reconciliation.

Built-in security manager/audit trail

PrimeRx™ includes seamless access to adherence packaging providers, including RxSafe and Parata, which allow medications to be dispensed in patient-friendly containers with user-friendly usage instructions.

PrimeRx Essential

The ideal solution for physicians’ office pharmacies.  The PrimeRx Essential package includes comprehensive management for all core workflows, patient account management, HIPAA-compliant electronic signature solutions, document management, controlled substance reporting, and eVoucher capabilities. Owners also benefit from access to the MyPrimeRx owners app and the PrimeInventory™ remote inventory management app.

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