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Pharmacy Point of Sale Module

Comprehensive point of sale functionality for easy, safe customer transactions and pharmacy sales management.  The only software you’ll need to manage the many ways pharmacies receive payments and engage with customers.

What does Pharmacy Point of Sale Module include?

Full integration with the PrimeRx operating system allows POS records to seamlessly flow back to the pharmacy’s main system

A HIPAA-compliant solution that captures patient signatures which are automatically appended to patient records

Seamless access to your pharmacy’s wholesalers which enables price comparisons along with hassle-free reordering

Pharmacies gain full visibility into physical inventories, and the ability to make adjustments as new products are received and expired or obsolete items removed

  • Comprehensive payment processing for credit and debit cards, along with FSA/HSA cards. In addition, the system’s encrypted technology allows for Apple Pay and Android Pay processing
  • Helps pharmacies accommodate the volume of products returned by consumers. The system seamlessly processes return transactions, with all records automatically updated

Pharmacy mangers can receive customized reports on a broad range of topics including:

  • Prescription sales
  • Front-end sales
  • Tax information
  • Employee performance and similar types of metrics
  • Detailed activity, departmental, and category performance

Reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or any other time frequency preference.

Seamless compliance with federal and state regulatory mandates, which generally include capture of patient photo identification and/or signature. The pharmacy point of sale module scans and captures this information, which is automatically added to the patient’s record.  In addition, reports can be transmitted to relevant government entities

Customize and manage a loyalty program within PrimePOS™.  Each patient’s loyalty card number is appended to their individual account, with points and promotions automatically added and adjusted.

The MobilePOS™ app allows pharmacies to move point-of-sale locations to accommodate patient or store needs. Examples include:

  • Curbside Pickups with full functionality including signature collection, payment processing and receipt generation
  • Home Delivery via a single device. Delivery personnel can accept payments, collect signatures, and send email receipts

MobilePOS™ software connects to PrimeRx desktop software through Bluetooth or a wireless VPN.

Additional POS Capabilities

PrimeRx pharmacies can supplement point-of-sale capabilities with additional offerings that include:

Third-Party Interfaces Allow Even More POS Capabilities

Pharmacies can integrate directly with several of the industry’s leading third-party solution providers.  Specific to point-of-sale, third-party interfaces currently available include:

Payment Processing

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Comprehensive services that include payment devices, payment software, data security, real-time reporting, ACH transfers, payment gateways and omni-channel transactions (credit/debit/gift card).

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Mobile payment and digital wallet service that allows users to make payments in person, via iOS apps, and on the web using Safari.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Secure and comprehensive payment solutions.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Mobile payment and digital wallet service that allows payment directly from a Galaxy phone.

OTC Product Sales

Allows a local pharmacy to appear as a buying option in consumer internet searches for specific consumer goods and OTC products.

OTC Benefits Card Processing

s3 network, solutran login

Manages OTC program card transactions.

Point-of-Sale Solutions

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Point-of-sale functionality ensures seamless transactions.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

Customizable POS solution for all payment modes including traditional POS, self-checkout, e-commerce, and direct sale.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps

POS solution focused strictly on the needs of pharmacies.

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