Benefits of Automated Pharmacy Dispensing Systems

Benefits of Automated Pharmacy Dispensing Systems

Changing Pharmacy Service With Technology

A trip to the pharmacy doesn’t have to include leaving your prescription, waiting around for an hour, then finally getting your needed prescription. Today’s technology offers automated pharmacy dispensing systems to ensure your trip to the pharmacy is quick and easy. Micro Merchant Systems provides pharmacy management software nationwide that helps the consumer and the merchant. There is little room for error and a large room for a boost in the customer experience with automated dispensing systems. The benefits of automated pharmacy dispensing systems are changing the face of pharmaceuticals.

What Are Automated Dispensing Machines?

Automated dispensing machines or decentralized medication distribution systems are user-friendly, technology-based solutions to help pharmacists and consumers. They offer storage, tracking, and computer-controlled dispensing of medication. Overall, they’re used to promote patient safety and efficiency. The most common types of pharmacy automation systems include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Labeling and Packaging
  • Compounding Systems
  • Pharmacy Prescription Dispensing Systems

Increasing Safety & Efficiency

Instead of spending hours filling prescriptions by hand, robotic pharmacy dispensing systems effortlessly get the job done quickly. Pharmacists can spend more time focusing on customer service and clinical duties. Drug dispensing errors are virtually eradicated with the use of an automated pharmacy dispensing system. Robotic dispensing machines can meet the demands of prescription volumes with the correct dosage every time. From order entry to the sale, workflow is seamless.

Enhancing Healthcare Collaboration

Pharmacists are a critical part of caregiving teams, working with healthcare teams for the greater good of the patient. From preventative care to clinical services, pharmacists provide various services for patients and the healthcare team. Physicians rely on their pharmacists for these duties to boost their level of patient care. Pharmacy industry technology helps revolutionize the work of pharmacists so they can better collaborate with the healthcare team. Automation helps pharmacists provide more of their time and a greater effort to collaborate with their team to provide optimal care.

Allowing Faster Service

Pharmacy dispensing systems take away the amount of time pharmacists need to manually fill your order by finding the medication, counting the pills, and identifying potential drug interactions. Automated dispensing systems can package medication for multiple people in a few minutes. The medication is correctly sorted and packaged without making patients wait long periods.

Boosting Customer Service

Customers reap the rewards with enhanced customer service provided by automated pharmacy dispensing systems. Prescription history and medication details are easily accessible, while prescription processing times are faster. The pharmaceutical staff has more time to spend time with patients, building relationships instead of spending their time filling prescriptions.

Micro Merchant Systems: Software Without Limits

Pharmacy and patient interactions are our first priority. We want the customer’s experience to be fast and positive. Pharmacists get to spend time with patients and not worry about errors, while customers get access to medication in a quick and efficient manner. Our motto at Micro Merchant Systems is “software without limits,” which enables us to offer amazing technology to benefit healthcare teams and patients at the same time. Get in touch with us today.

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