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Data Conversion Services

Today’s busy pharmacy has data arriving from multiple sources in multiple formats.  PrimeRx™ Data Conversion Services solution processes all data for seamless integration.  Our data conversion solution protects the integrity of your data, allows you to interact with multiple networks, and ensures your pharmacy has unfettered access to all information regardless of originating format.

PrimeRx Data Conversion Services Features

Data conversion is a vital step in ensuring full access to pharmacy data. PrimeRx Data Conversion Services solution manages the process without you having to give it a second thought.

Our solution is compatible with all major source formats.  Pharmacies can ensure 100% accuracy of critical functions including:
  • Patient records.
  • Drug/formulation records.
  • Insurance information.
  • Prescription logs.
  • Signature records.
  • Inventory records.
  • Reports.

PrimeRx pharmacies can interact with the many external partners, including payers and wholesalers, that are essential to pharmacy operations.  All data is seamlessly converted for easy integration within the PrimeRx operating system.

Ensures all patient data is safely converted for integration within PrimeRx, regardless of the originating source.

  • Data integration capabilities which allow converted data to be imported into the PrimeRx operating system.
  • Data migration services enable accurate, thorough transfer of data from most 3rd party pharmacy management systems.
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