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PrimeDELIVERY™ for End-to-End Delivery Management

Delivery Services are no longer “nice to haves.” Your patients expect the option of having their medications delivered to their homes, and pharmacists are happy to comply. But medication deliveries require a few extra steps.

The PrimeDELIVERY solution offers secure, on-time medication deliveries that meet all regulatory requirements. And best of all, records flow seamlessly back to the PrimeRx™ operating system.

Delivery Management Solution Features

All prescriptions set for delivery are marked as “out for delivery” in the pharmacy’s system. Once the delivery is actually made, that notation is changed to “delivered.” If a prescription needs to be returned to the pharmacy, the patient record will automatically be updated.

Undelivered medications are returned to inventory, with stock levels automatically adjusted

The system generates an advance electronic signature request to the patient ahead of a scheduled delivery. The patient provides a signature, which is transmitted back to the pharmacy via PrimeDELIVERY. The process is HIPAA-compliant with all signatures added to the patient’s record.

A patient can sign once to accept multiple prescriptions. The system also allows a patient to “uncheck” specific prescriptions they may not wish to take delivery of at that specific time

All data is encrypted and remains highly secure throughout the transaction

All remote transactions are automatically uploaded to a patient’s record. This allows the pharmacist to accurately track patient adherence and/or medication therapy progress, while also ensuring full compliance with all record keeping requirements

PrimeRxPAY™ for Electronic Copay Collection

The PrimeRxPAY solution allows pharmacies to seamlessly manage co-pay collections and issue receipts. Following is a brief overview of how the process works:

Delivery and Shipping Services

Once a pharmacy processes a prescription for delivery, the next step is execution of the actual delivery process.

Pharmacy-managed delivery services

Many pharmacies choose to manage their own delivery services, with their own designated vehicles and drivers. PrimeRx™ offers route optimization services through Google Maps that ensure drivers follow the most logical, expeditious routes.

Third-Party Providers

PrimeRx™ allows pharmacies to integrate directly with delivery providers that include:

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps RX2Go


Medication courier service that provides coverage throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and California.

PrimeRx pharmacy management software apps scriptdrop

Script Drop

Seamlessly connects pharmacies to a network of trained, professional couriers for last minute delivery services.

A Mobile App for Flexibility and Convenience


pharmacy pos system, pos for pharmacy, pharmacy point of sale, pos pharmacy system