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PrimeRx Launches New Pharmacy Technology-Focused Podcast

January 16, 2024 – PrimeRx has unveiled a new podcast series, “Pharmacy Tech Trends by PrimeRx,” in collaboration with the Pharmacy Podcast Network. The podcast aims to explore and discuss various pharmacy-related topics with insights from industry experts, highlighting the transformative role of technology in today’s evolving pharmacy landscape. Interested listeners can access the podcast at

Ketan Mehta, CEO of PrimeRx, emphasized the podcast’s goal of showcasing how technology positively influences the pharmacy sector, enabling pharmacists to thrive amid significant changes. Mehta highlighted the substantial transformation witnessed in pharmacies over the past years, attributing the positive shifts to technology-based solutions that enhance efficiency and patient management. Each episode of the podcast will delve into a different trending pharmacy topic, featuring expert perspectives from industry leaders.

The episode, titled “Bridging the Gap: Technology and Value-Based Care in Pharmacy,” is already available. It explores the ways in which technology assists pharmacies in transitioning to value-based care. The episode includes a panel discussion with Mehta, Jay Williams (CPESN Director of Marketing and Communications), and Brad Tabaac (Friendly Pharmacy owner in Philadelphia, PA). Todd Eury from the Pharmacy Podcast Network moderates the discussion.

The episode sheds light on technology-based options for managing value-based care initiatives. It discusses third-party integrations facilitating connectivity with key stakeholders, enabling the exchange of patient records and information among care team members. The experts emphasize that technology serves as the pathway for pharmacists to deliver high-quality services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mehta encourages pharmacists to rely on the Pharmacy Tech Trends podcast for valuable information and insights from leading voices in pharmacy technology. He reassures pharmacists that technology is keeping pace with industry changes, providing support in navigating challenges and embracing opportunities.

Each podcast episode is accompanied by a comprehensive white paper offering in-depth analysis and solutions for pharmacy owners. These resources aim to empower pharmacy owners to adapt to the industry landscape.

Stay informed and empowered by exploring the podcast episodes and corresponding whitepapers.  All materials can be accessed via

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