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Remote Backup Service (RBS)

Information is one of your pharmacy’s most valuable assets. 

But what if a service disruption were to occur, and you lost all that information?  Our Remote Backup Service (RBS) solution protects you from the unthinkable, with daily backups, and all data secured in a cloud storage facility.

The PrimeRx™ RBS solution seamlessly protects your pharmacy’s data and takes the worry off your shoulders.  Should a disruption occur, you can rest assured that your pharmacy will continue to operate with unimpeded access to all data.

Let us worry about your data while you focus on your business and your patients.

Remote Backup Service Key Features

  • RBS uses the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for off-site data storage.
  • All data generated from your server and PrimeRx™ pharmacy system are stored off-site and backed up regularly.
  • An email notification is generated each time a backup is completed.
RBS can be configured to meet your pharmacy’s precise needs with options that include:
  • Setting a backup schedule that does not conflict with your hours of operation including weekend and overnight backups.
  • Customize a schedule for receiving updates about your data security and identify any special elements to include those updates.
  • Should a service disruption occur, the backup service will immediately kick in, with no disruption to pharmacy operations.
  • Pharmacies can determine their precise backup storage needs, and only pay for that amount. This prevents your pharmacy from being locked into an agreement that requires you to pay for services that exceed your requirements.
  • Should your storage needs change, you can easily adjust your plan to add or reduce capacity.
  • Our Micro Merchant Systems firewall provides an extra layer of security in protecting data from unauthorized intrusions.
Remote Backup Service (RBS)
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