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PrimeSHIPPING™ — End-to-End Shipment Management for Prescription Medications

Courier deliveries are an increasingly preferred option
for ensuring fast, accurate medication deliveries to patients. 

But while patients appreciate the convenience of this service, the backend preparation can be quite onerous for pharmacies.  PrimeSHIPPING automates the entire process and provides pharmacies with a highly efficient, expedited process for providing patients with their medications.

PrimeSHIPPING links the PrimeRx operating system with the pharmacy’s designated shipping software manager.  This allows the two systems to “talk” to each other. All steps in the process — identification of prescriptions to be shipped, label generation, tracking — are managed seamlessly and accurately.  Shipments are delivered to patients on-time and with the highest levels of accuracy.

PrimeSHIPPING Key Features:

  • Within PrimeRx, a pharmacist can easily flag all prescriptions that need to be shipped
  • At the same time, a preferred shipping company and delivery date can be selected
  • The pharmacist also has the option to combine multiple prescriptions into a single order
  • Patient address information is selected within PrimeRx and exported to the pharmacy’s designated shipping software manager for label generation
  • By automating the process, the risk of error is significantly reduced
  • The shipping software manager transmits tracking information back to PrimeRx, which pharmacy staff can immediately access and share with each patient
  • This ensures both pharmacy and patient have full visibility into the medication shipment
  • PrimeSHIPPING allows direct integration with service providers including:
    • UPS
    • FedEx
    • US Postal Service.
    • Rx2Go medication courier service that offers coverage throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and California
    • Script Drop courier network

PrimeSHIPPING Simplifies the Shipping Process.  On-Time Deliveries for Patients.  Improved Efficiency for Pharmacies.

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