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PrimeINVENTORY™ App for Remote Inventory Management

The PrimeINVENTORY app simplifies pharmacy inventory management by allowing functionality from a smartphone or tablet. 

Pharmacy staff is no longer tied to the pharmacy’s main computer and can manage inventory tasks via their devices. The PrimeINVENTORY app saves valuable time, adds efficiency, and ensures the highest levels of inventory accuracy.  Inventory management couldn’t be easier!

PrimeINVENTORY App Key Features

Your staff can have real-time access to precise quantities of all drugs in the pharmacy’s inventory. The app also lets you know the cost of each drug, along with each unit’s expiration date

Make quick and easy adjustments to your pharmacy’s inventory, with all changes seamlessly transmitted to the main PrimeRx™ operating system. This includes the ability to “check-in” shipments as they arrive from wholesalers or distributors

Your device’s camera becomes a powerful barcode scanner. Quickly scan barcodes directly from medication bottles and packages. No additional hardware is needed

Specific drugs can be identified via a barcode or by entering a drug NDC or item code

Generate customized inventory reports directly from your device

Real-time insight into pharmacy activity regarding prescription queues, bin activity, and individual prescriptions

The app offers user-friendly functionality to update records easily

Integrates with the core PrimeRx operating system for systemwide accuracy and records management

Compatible with Android, iPhone, and other smart devices.

  • For iOS Devices: iOS version: 9.3.5 and higher.
  • For Android Devices: Android version: 7.0 and higher.
  • Minimum screen size for devices:
    • Phones: 5″ or more.
    • iPads/Tablets: 7″ or more.

The PrimeINVENTORY™ App Ensures Inventory Access – Anytime, Anyplace!