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PrimeCOMM™ Pharmacy Communications Solution

Timely, accurate communication is integral to good pharmacist-patient relations.

But as important as good communications certainly is, finding the time to engage with patients is a common pain point among pharmacists. PrimeCOMM™ addresses this need by allowing pharmacists to generate messages and transmit information directly within PrimeRx™. Emails, texts and phone calls can be customized, or sent in batch form. You can even wish patients a Happy Birthday!

With PrimeCOMM, it’s never been easier to communicate with patients.

Key benefits and features

The solution allows pharmacies the option to communicate via secure two-way outbound calling, SMS/TXT or email. This allows pharmacies to accommodate each patient’s preferred method of communication

Messages can be generated on a wide range of topics including:

  • Prescription refill reminders
  • “Ready for pickup” reminders
  • Gentle reminders when a medication remains in the bin after a pre-determined period of time
  • Notification that a prescription has been received
  • Updates when a medication is pending prior authorization
  • System can be programmed to transmit messages based on pre-determined frequency

Pharmacies can identify groups of patients for targeted messaging. Seniors, for example, might benefit from knowing that your pharmacy administers the Shingles vaccine, while patients with hypertension would appreciate information reminding them about the importance of medication adherence

Patients can respond to texts and emails

PrimeCOMM helps pharmacies comply with state and payer requirements for auto refill programs. Patient consent information can be seamlessly transmitted to eligible patients, with a record of their consent seamlessly stored within PrimeRx. In addition, pharmacies can use PrimeCOMM™ to transmit information about the refill program and offer an easy process for patients to withdraw from the program

PrimeCOMM is highly flexible and can be customized for each pharmacy’s preferences. Do you want to let patients know about an upcoming store event? Send a reminder about your immunization offerings? Or maybe advertise your OTC product offerings? The sky is the limit when it comes to the messages that can be transmitted

Pharmacists can access PrimeCOMM directly within their PrimeRx workflows. No need to jump to additional screens or log onto a separate network. Messages can be programmed by simply clicking appropriate boxes on the workflow screen

Good pharmacist-patient communication has never been more important. With PrimeCOMM, it’s never been easier.