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Advancements in pharmacy management solutions now make it possible to automate refill and dispensing workflows to the extent that most of the process is seamlessly managed. Processes that used to require several minutes of focused staff attention can now be accomplished in seconds, often with minimal human involvement.

The PrimeRx™ solution from Micro Merchant Systems is a good example of a comprehensive refill system. PrimeRx™ is a leading pharmacy management system that is widely regarded for its extensive capabilities and flexible, customizable features. And because of Micro Merchant Systems’ commitment to continuous improvement, PrimeRx™ is regularly updated, with new functionality added to reflect technological advancements and changing pharmacy needs.

The following discussion will highlight specific features of the PrimeRx™ system’s refill capabilities. Also included is an overview of the many benefits a pharmacy can expect from automating this critical, but time-consuming process.

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