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PrimeRx™ from Micro Merchant Systems is an example of a pharmacy management system that recognizes the power of partnering with third-party providers that offer exciting and innovative solutions. Currently, PrimeRx™ users have direct access from the system homepage to multiple third-party interfaces. These solutions complement PrimeRx™ and allow access to enhanced capabilities, and improved performance.

But with so many interfaces on the market, Micro Merchant Systems has been careful to only select third-party solutions that are truly effective and provide meaningful results for our pharmacy customers. Two critical questions drive the selection process:

  • Does the product advance the PrimeRx™ system’s effectiveness in providing pharmacies with a superior technology experience?
  • Does the product improve pharmacy workflow and overall efficiency?

Right now, PrimeRx offers direct integration with approximately 100 interfaces. For each of these interfaces, the answer to these questions was “YES.” Several of these solutions are described in the following discussion. As the overview will make clear, from point-of-sale capabilities to overall pharmacy efficiency, these interfaces improve the PrimeRx™ experience. This in turn improves effectiveness and results for pharmacies that rely on the PrimeRx™ management system.
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