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A technology system designed with multiple pharmacy owners in mind can simplify the management process, and give owners confidence from having 360 degree visibility at both the micro and macro levels.

For many pharmacy owners, this confidence has come from the PrimeRx™ management system, offered by Micro Merchant Systems. PrimeRx™ serves as the pharmacy’s core operating unit, automating and managing key operations including patient records, dispensing, inventory, communications, business operations, and report generation. A series of modules seamlessly integrate with PrimeRx™ for added functionality including point-of-sale, inventory reordering, home delivery, documentation, compliance and app-based automated refills.

One module, PrimeCENTRAL™, addresses issues unique to multiple store owners, with user-friendly capabilities that allow owners to quickly and easily access data and monitor performance.

The following discussion will highlight several of the management issues unique to multiple pharmacy owners, with discussion about how a comprehensive technology solution can alleviate those concerns. As the discussion will make clear, pharmacy owners have options when it comes to choosing a technology system. But with so much at stake, it’s essential to choose a system designed specifically for today’s busy multi-pharmacy owners.

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