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Integrated Solutions for Comprehensive Auto-Refill Program Management with PrimeRx

Integrated Solutions for Comprehensive Auto-Refill Program Management

Prescription auto-refill programs are win-win initiatives for pharmacies and patients.  Patients benefit from a convenient refill process and improved medication adherence, while pharmacies gain workflow efficiency, enhanced Star performance, and increased revenue.

But integral to any good auto-refill program, beyond core dispensing capabilities, is a mechanism for clear, consistent communication with patients, including a way to disseminate documentation about the refill program.  This need for communication has become especially important as many states, regulatory agencies, and payers have established strict protocols for administering auto-refill programs.

Pharmacies can rely on the PrimeRx™ management system – including the PrimeCOMM™ communications module and the PrimeRxPAY™ automated payment solution — for comprehensive auto-refill program management.

By relying on PrimeRx™, pharmacies can benefit from three innovative solutions working together for comprehensive auto-refill management:

Here’s how it works:

PrimeRx™ : PrimeRx™ pharmacies already benefit from the comprehensive, easy-to-use refill capabilities that are at the core of the PrimeRx™ pharmacy management system.

Through PrimeRx™, most aspects of the refill process are automated, and pharmacy staff can easily track workflows via a user-friendly refill dashboard.  PrimeRx™ manages the refill process seamlessly and accurately so that pharmacy staff can spend time on other patient-related matters.

PrimeCOMM™ The PrimeCOMM™ module allows pharmacies to easily communicate with patients via text and email.  A pharmacy can use PrimeCOMM™ for a wide range of communication purposes, but specific to auto-refills, capabilities include:

  • Refill Consent Opt-In:  Pharmacies can transmit messages to patients within PrimeCOMM™ asking for their consent to participate in the pharmacy’s auto-refill program.  Once the patient verifies consent, the response is added to the patient’s record and stored within PrimeRx™.
  • Information Dissemination.  Pharmacies are increasingly required to share information with patients about their auto-refill programs.  This may include specific details about the program, information about how to withdraw a specific medication, and how to unsubscribe from the program entirely.  PrimeCOMM™ allows pharmacies to transmit such information directly to patients, either via an email or text message, based on each patient’s preference.
  • Automated Messages:  PrimeCOMM™ will automatically alert a patient when an auto-refill prescription is due to be filled.  The system will again alert the patient when the prescription is ready for pickup.  These messages can be sent via either email or text and are scheduled to be transmitted based on the pharmacy’s preferred schedule.  Should a patient fail to pick up a medication within a pre-determined time, the system will generate a “gentle” reminder that the pickup is waiting.
  • Customized Patient Settings:  PrimeCOMM™ allows pharmacies to go beyond these refill-related capabilities and send targeted communications on a wide array of topics ranging from general pharmacy information to flu shot reminders to personalized birthday greetings.

PrimeRxPAY™ : PrimeRxPAY™ (Contactless Transactions) allows pharmacies to wirelessly collect patient copays.  The system generates an email or text to the patient with a URL link directing the patient to a secure payment portal.  Patients provide their credit card information via the portal, with funds automatically deposited in the pharmacy’s account.  PrimeRxPAY™ is compatible with the Heartland, Elavon, and Worldpay payment processing systems.

Working together, these solutions allow a pharmacy to create an automated refill program that simplifies pharmacy workflows, provides an enormous convenience to patients, and facilitates compliance with applicable regulations.

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