UNIONDALE, NY – June 25, 2024 – PrimeRx has announced the PrimeRx Cloud technology solution, a browser-based platform designed specifically for the needs of independent pharmacies.  With PrimeRx Cloud, pharmacists now have a way to manage operations without being physically present in the pharmacy.

“PrimeRx Cloud is the next step in pharmacy technology,” said Ketan Mehta, PrimeRx president and CEO.  “We are proud to offer this addition to the PrimeRx product portfolio, which addresses the need for users to have flexibility in where, when, and how they manage their pharmacies.”

PrimeRx Cloud builds on the capabilities of the core PrimeRx Enterprise system, which has been a leading source of pharmacy software solutions for more than 30 years.  Thousands of pharmacies rely on PrimeRx as a trusted source for innovative, user-friendly solutions that automate workflows and add efficiency throughout the pharmacy.

Now, pharmacies can look to PrimeRx Cloud for additional efficiencies inherent to a cloud-based solution. The system is accessible via a browser on an internet-connected computer which allows pharmacists to access pharmacy records and workflows from remote locations.  PrimeRx Cloud features a dashboard format that can be customized based on user preference.

“PrimeRx Cloud solves a number of serious problems facing today’s busy pharmacies, including the need for increased flexibility and reduced IT overhead and risk” said Darrell Hyde, PrimeRx chief technology officer. “Pharmacy management no longer takes place just behind the pharmacy counter. Today’s pharmacy owners are checking in from home, often long after the pharmacy has closed for the day. PrimeRx Cloud enables the modern owner to operate from anywhere while also removing the need to operate complex IT infrastructure in the pharmacy.”

Other benefits of the cloud-based application include secure, disaster-proof data, seamless software upgrades, automatic backups, and routine maintenance. Each task is executed without disrupting pharmacy operations or involving pharmacy staff.

“PrimeRx Cloud supports our goal of helping pharmacists build healthier communities,” noted PrimeRx Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Tillmann Schwabe.  “Our browser-based solution makes it easier for pharmacists to serve their patients, namely by reducing the administrative workload, which allows more time for in-person interactions.”

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