PrimeRx™ Approved for Use by CPESN® Participating Pharmacies

October 15, 2018

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Micro Merchant System’s PrimeRx™ Approved for Use by CPESN® Participating Pharmacies

Syosset, New York:  Micro Merchant Systems, a leading provider of comprehensive pharmacy technology solutions, announced that its signature PrimeRx™ pharmacy management platform has successfully completed testing for transacting Pharmacist electronic care plans (eCare Plans).   This enhancement enables PrimeRx pharmacies to meet CPESN® Network requirements for clinical integration.

In securing this important approval, PrimeRx™ successfully met HL7 performance requirements, which include the capability to fully support network pharmacy e-care plans.  HL7 is the international standards body that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and others rely on to set standards for meaningful use and other health information exchange programs and IT adoption efforts for physicians and other care team members.

Pharmacist eCare Plans are a relatively new tool available to capture, manage – and share – critical patient medical information across patient care teams.  The eCare Plan replaces existing processes in which patient records are often maintained in manual files, or spread across multiple systems or worse post-it notes.  Through the eCare Plans, pharmacists can collect and share important information with doctors, clinicians and other members of a patient’s healthcare team, thereby enabling better care while reducing redundant data entry, and eliminating the risk of prescription conflicts.

The PrimeRx™ solution also enables documentation of all services rendered to each patient, which an essential strategy in the effort to gain access to reimbursement for services.

PrimeRx™ will integrate with CPESN participant pharmacies to ensure seamless access to patient records, as well as automatic transmission of reimbursement claims to payers.

“Micro Merchant System’s Prime Rx™ has successfully met the requirements of the HL7-standards based eCare Plan initiative,” said Troy Trygstad, Executive Director of CPESN USA.  “With this accomplishment, PrimeRx will enable members of our pharmacy networks to better meet the needs of their patients, while also being compensated for the increased levels of services they provide.  Many pharmacies already engage in care planning and follow up, yet they are the only care team member in a hundred of millions of dollars industry that isn’t paid for those services or plugged into the rest of the care team.”

Akbar Merchant, president, and owner of Micro Merchant Systems noted that the PrimeRx™ system has the potential to be a “game-changer” in pharmacy management.  “We built PrimeRx™ with the pharmacist in mind.  We wanted to provide a platform to facilitate the management of patient data while also streamlining pharmacy workflow and operations.

“We are delighted to be a part of the CPESN movement, and look forward to helping pharmacists achieve maximum benefits of the Prime Rx™ solution,” Merchant added.

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