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nterface Partners Make PrimeRx Even More Responsive to Pharmacy Needs

Interface Partners Make PrimeRx Even More Responsive to Pharmacy Needs

Today in the United States, there are almost 560,000 unique technology companies, with an estimated 55,000 startups/new businesses entering the market in the past two years alone. According to tech industry group CompTIA, roughly 1.6 million individuals are employed by those businesses as software and web developers. 

Imagine the brainpower and innovation taking place across these workplaces!

Ideas that were unthinkable as recently as five or ten years ago are now brought to market on a regular basis. So frequently, it can be hard to keep pace.

The nation’s pharmacies have been among the biggest beneficiaries of this technology revolution. From electronic prescribing, automated workflows, immunization registries, real-time patient benefit visibility, delivery service management, and dozens of other functions, pharmacies are increasingly relying on technology for higher levels of functionality and efficiency.

The key is choosing a core operating system that offers the flexibility to integrate with third-party solutions. An ideal operating systems will exist in a state of “continuous improvement,” whereby new systems capabilities are regularly added and pharmacy workflows are enhanced via access to external solutions.

PrimeRx™ is a pharmacy management system that recognizes the power of partnering with third-party providers that offer exciting and innovative solutions. Currently, PrimeRx™ users have direct access from he system homepage to multiple third-party interfaces that reflect increasingly innovative and useful capabilities. Here are five of our most recent partnerships:

These newest additions to the PrimeRx™ interface partners were selected based on two critical questions:

  • Does the product advance the PrimeRx™ system’s effectiveness in providing pharmacies with a superior technology experience?
  • Does the product improve pharmacy workflow and overall efficiency?


For each of these interfaces, the answer to these questions is “YES.” As PrimeRx™ continues to evolve to meet pharmacies’ changing needs, there’s no doubt that additional technologies will also receive a resounding “Yes” when the same questions are asked.

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