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Reimagine Pharmacy Care: Technology as Your Value-Based Partner with Ketan Mehta, Jay Williams & Brad Tabaac

Looking to elevate your pharmacy’s role in Value-Based Care (VBC)? The first episode of PrimeRx’s “Pharmacy Tech Trends” podcast is your roadmap to success!

We delve into the essential role technology plays in the VBC movement, specifically the power of third-party integrations.

Listen to our expert panel, featuring:

  • Ketan Mehta, CEO of PrimeRx Pharmacy Management Systems
  • Jay Williams, Director of Marketing Communications at CPESN
  • Brad Tabaac, Pharmacy Director at Friendly Pharmacy and a PrimeRx customer

They explore how innovative tech solutions are breaking down barriers between healthcare providers. These seamless integrations connect different aspects of patient care, enabling you to deliver:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Streamline workflows and optimize processes for better patient care delivery.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduce healthcare costs and improve overall value.
  • Patient-centered care: Focus on individual needs for a more personalized care experience.

Discover real-world examples and the undeniable benefits of technology integration. Learn how these solutions can improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and reshape the future of healthcare.

Want to dive deeper? Download our free white paper, “Technology as an Essential Partner in Pharmacy Value-Based Care,” for a comprehensive breakdown on leveraging technology for VBC success.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Tune in to “Pharmacy Tech Trends by PrimeRx” on your preferred podcast platform and unlock the power of technology in achieving VBC excellence.


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