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Clinic-Based Pharmacies

Healthcare clinics allow patients to receive treatment and obtain medications in a range of convenient, accessible settings. From walk-in clinics located within retail stores, to urgent care facilities, to specialized centers for behavioral health, substance abuse, HIV and other conditions, clinics are essential components of patient care. Pharmacists in these facilities provide extensive services that go beyond medication dispensing, and are core members of patient care teams.

Clinic-based pharmacies need to manage the many services they provide, while ensuring full compliance with all payer and regulatory requirements. PrimeRx™ offers this comprehensive functionality, all within a user-friendly, single platform solution.

What to Look for in a Technology Management System

  • Easy-to-use process for managing core dispensing and refill workflows.
  • Ability to customize key functions to reflect unique pharmacy needs.
  • Ability to easily update patient information and include notes and observations.
  • Ability to record and track all clinical services provided.
  • Electronic prescription processing.
  • Automatic tracking of patient progress and adherence.
  • Medication synchronization to boost adherence.
  • Insurance verification.
  • Automatic claims filing.
  • Extensive report capabilities.
  • Automatic inventory management.
  • E-mail, text and phone reminders when a refill is required.
  • 24/7 capability to request refills.
  • Two-way messaging which allows a patient to send a note back to the pharmacy.
  • Targeted, Disease/Condition-Specific Messaging. Allows the pharmacy to group patients based on their condition or illness, and generate texts reminding patients about the importance of adherence.
  • Automated Refills.
  • Interactive Care Team Engagement whereby a patient’s care team is provided with regular updates regarding a patient’s condition, including adherence-related information.
  • Ability to create and maintain patient MTM plans with core capabilities that address:
    • Medication therapy review.
    • Comprehensive patient medication records.
    • Development of medication action plan.
    • Documentation/Recordkeeping.
  • Ability to create and manage comprehensive patient assessments.
  • Reference materials provided at point-of-sale that help patients understand their medications, immunizations, conditions, and relevant topics.
  • Automated packaging solutions that reflect the unique characteristics of many specialty medications and patient needs.
  • Customized real-time reports to meet the patient and business needs. Report capabilities should include:
    • Patient progress.
    • Patient referrals.
    • Specific information requests from payers and manufacturers.
    • Claims status.
    • Business-related reports regarding financials and performance.
    • Proper documentation for any audit inquiries.
  • Seamlessly collect pertinent data on all aspects of pharmacy operations.
  • Analysis of medication usage and outcomes.
  • System should seamlessly submit claims using standard NCPDP messaging codes.
  • Automatically format claims to meet each payor’s precise requirements.
  • Demonstrate compliance with all accreditation requirements.
  • Ability to seamlessly exchange patient information in real time with patient care team providers.
  • System should seamlessly transmit approval requests directly to the payor.
  • Capability to track request status until it has been acted upon.
  • Seamless point of sale transactions.
  • Ability to process debit, FSA/HAS cards.
  • eVoucher services to help manage patient copays.
  • Real-time prescription benefit review to identify less-costly alternatives.

PrimeRx™ Clinic-Based Pharmacy Care

Clinic-based pharmacists serve as lifelines to the patients they serve, dispensing medications and offering consultative and clinical services. These pharmacies offer services that go far beyond traditional medication dispensing, and need a technology system that facilitates their work, with the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. Our solutions seamlessly manage pharmacy workflows and patient services, and help pharmacists meet patients’ extensive care needs.

Pharmacist in the Spotlight

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“PrimeRx™ allows me to be on top of my inventory without having to pay a company to come in to count. I’m constantly looking at what’s on my shelves and reviewing historical data. The system makes it so easy,”

Solution Recommendation…

PrimeRx™ Clinic-Based Care Package

The PrimeRx™ Clinic-Based Care Package includes all functionality inherent to the PrimeRx™ operating system, plus additional features designed specifically for clinic-based pharmacy needs. Our solution is highly-configurable, to meet each pharmacy’s unique needs. Core features include comprehensive management of all workflows, patient account management, HIPAA-compliant electronic signature solutions, document management, point-of-sale functionality, delivery management, inventory management, controlled substance reporting, eVoucher capabilities, and integration with CPESN. Pharmacies benefit from additional capabilities that include:

Clinic-based pharmacies also have access to the PrimeMD™ portal, which allows caregivers to exchange patient information.

In addition, PrimeRx™ offers direct integration with leading third-party providers for extensive additional functionality.

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