Choosing a pharmacy management software solution can be overwhelming.  A quick Google search reveals dozens of options, with each using words like “innovative,” and “comprehensive” to describe its capabilities.  A busy pharmacist could be forgiven for getting a bit confused in the process.

A better approach might be to start with three key questions:

  1. Which software provider focuses only on pharmacies, rather than a broad spectrum of businesses or industries?
  2. Which solution has capabilities that extend beyond core pharmacy workflows, and go the extra mile with value-added features that enhance patient services and improve efficiency?
  3. Which is the solution other pharmacists use? And what do they have to say about its effectiveness in improving pharmacy efficiency and operations?

Responses to these questions will invariably lead a pharmacist to PrimeRx, the iconic solution offered by Micro Merchant Systems which, for more than 30 years has been at the forefront in building pharmacy-specific software solutions.

To understand the PrimeRx system’s singular focus on pharmacies, consider comments by Ketan Mehta, CEO of Micro Merchant Systems, when the company was honored with a 2023 Stevie Award for Product Innovation from the American Business Awards.  In accepting the award, Mehta explained: “When we created our software… we were just thinking about patients, and the kinds of solutions we could provide independent pharmacies.  And it’s been a labor of love.  It’s been a lot of hard work and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but it’s all been worth it.”

As Mehta’s comments suggest, the company is focused solely on developing solutions for pharmacies.  Soup-to-nuts solutions that address just about every need, and have definitive, measurable impacts in improving pharmacy efficiency.  And, solutions that allow pharmacists to serve their patients more easily.

PrimeRx is regularly updated with new features and expanded capabilities that keep pace with changing pharmacy needs.  Important to note – many new capabilities are added as the direct result of input from pharmacists.  Pharmacists enjoy direct access to the PrimeRx team, and the door is always open for suggestions for adding functionality to further benefit pharmacy operations.

The PrimeRx management system can be found in more than 4,000 pharmacies across the United States and Puerto Rico.  PrimeRx customers include all pharmacy types – independent, multi-store, specialty, compounding, health-system, 340B, long-term care facility, mail order, and pharmacies located in physicians’ offices.  The solution is widely praised for its broad capabilities, ease-of-use and, as one pharmacist put it, “for making it easier for me to help my patients.”

Here’s an overview of some more notable PrimeRx capabilities:

• Custom Workflow and Report Writer
The system seamlessly manages all core pharmacy workflows, and allows pharmacies to customize settings based on their preferences.  Workflows including refills, dispensing, inventory, and claims processing – among others – are automated, with minimal need for manual entry.  This frees up valuable staff time for other tasks.

PrimeRx records all transactions, updates all records, and allows extensive report capabilities.  Pharmacy managers can customize reports that detail activity on just about any metric.  This allows complete visibility across all pharmacy operations, and helps a pharmacy manager or owner better identify opportunities for improvement – along with areas of success.

• Clinical Assessment Module and Action List
PrimeRx allows pharmacists to create patient assessments that capture comprehensive patient information including health and medication histories, adverse effects, and payer information.  The system seamlessly integrates with all drug categories to record all patient medications and drug therapies, and updates the assessment each time a prescription is refilled.

Pharmacies have flexibility to build their own assessment templates by adding “questions” and “topics” that are relevant to their patients.  In addition, PrimeRx allows pharmacists to easily add notes to each assessment and indicate areas for follow-up.

• Customizable Intake Queue
PrimeRx accommodates all prescriptions arriving at the pharmacy, regardless of format – electronic, hard copy, fax, or phone order.  The system scans each prescription and auto-fills information, a process previously done manually.  In addition, multiple drop-down menus allow pharmacy staff to quickly select dispensing instructions.  The intake process becomes automatic, accurate, and highly-efficient.

• RPh Dashboard showing Patient Payment and Profit
The system includes a dashboard feature that allows pharmacists to have fast, real-time access to key pharmacy metrics.  Pharmacists can select which metrics to feature on the dashboard for at-a-glance visibility into areas including dispensing queues, payment status, and overall pharmacy performance.

• Compound Drugs Ingredient Sheet
PrimeRx includes functionality developed specifically for compounding pharmacies.  This includes the ability to document the exact blend of drugs used in a medication, and record specific information and notes about each patient interaction. The system facilitates inventory management by automatically adjusting drug quantities for each ingredient used in a compound.

• 2D Barcode Scanning for DSCSA Track-and-Trace Compliance
2D barcode compatibility is a requirement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, which takes full effect in November 2023 (although enforcement will not begin until November 2024).  PrimeRx includes 2D barcode scanning functionality that allows pharmacies to easily incorporate required track-and-trace data including drug lots, expiration dates, serial numbers, and NDC codes.

• eVoucher and Denial Conversion Services
PrimeRx addresses medication affordability through a unique eVoucher and Denial Conversion Services solution that operates seamlessly at point of sale.

  • eVoucher services locate and apply manufacturer co-pay discounts, enabling patients to leave the pharmacy with their prescribed medications.
  • The Denial Conversion Services (DCS) solution allows pharmacies to provide patients with medications rejected by a payer, with reimbursement provided by Micro Merchant Systems. Patients leave the pharmacy with their preferred medications, and pharmacies receive real-time notification of the amount to be reimbursed, plus a $2.00 per transaction administrative fee.

• PrimeRxPay for Mobile Copayment Processing
Pharmacies can collect patient copayments remotely, via the PrimeRxPay contactless solution.  The solution generates a text message to a patient, advising that a copayment is due.  The text message includes a link that provides direct access to a secure payment portal.  Once the patient completes the transaction, a receipt is automatically generated, with all records seamlessly updated within PrimeRx.

• Rx Delivery Remote Signature Capture and Processing
Pharmacies can essentially take their pharmacy on the road with PrimeRx delivery capabilities.  The solution allows pharmacies remote access to patient account information and allows for HIPAA-compliant signature capture.  Signatures can either be captured at time of delivery, or secured ahead of time, thereby eliminating the need for a patient to be present at time of delivery.  Either way, signatures are stored within PrimeRx, and patients’ accounts updated with each new transaction.

• Patient Communication including 2-way SMS and Email
Patient communication has never been more important and now, with PrimeRx, it’s never been easier.  Pharmacists can utilize the system’s text and email capabilities for a range of services including refill authorizations and pickup reminders, and to alert patients about pharmacy services including immunizations and blood pressure clinics.  Messages can be pre-programmed and targeted at specific patient groups.  The advanced system even allows you to send Happy Birthday greetings on each patient’s special day!

• FillMyRefills App for 24/7 Patient Refill Orders
The pharmacy is always open with the FillMyRefills automated app.  Patients can use the mobile app to access their account and submit refill requests.  This ease-of-use improves the likelihood of adherence, and helps pharmacies meet customer expectations for easy interactions.

• Real-Time Prescription Benefit by Surescripts®
PrimeRx includes direct integration with the Real-Time Prescription Benefit solution from Surescripts®.  This allows real-time access to information about a patient’s covered medications, including out-of-pocket costs.  The solution identifies less-costly alternatives, and even suggests options for medications that require prior authorization.

• Courier and Shipping Service Integration
PrimeRx provides end-to-end management for prescriptions shipped via courier or mail.  The solution establishes a critical link between the PrimeRx™ operating system and the pharmacy’s designated shipping manager.  In addition, the solutions allow pharmacies to integrate with transportation providers including UPS, FedEx and the ScriptDrop courier network.

These are just a few of the advanced capabilities that set PrimeRx apart from other pharmacy management systems.  As this snapshot makes clear, a pharmacy can have full-functionality within PrimeRx, without having to invest in multiple software packages from different providers.  As important as this is for consistency, this single-provider approach also ensures full integration, with all parts of the system “talking to each other,” and working in harmony.

Among the many decisions a pharmacy owner will make, few are as consequential as the choice of technology management system.  That’s because for many pharmacies, the technology system is a lifeline, enabling high levels of efficiency, automation, and cost savings.  But with options such as PrimeRx, the decision is easy, and the benefits soon become obvious.