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Third-Party Interfaces Allow PrimeRx Pharmacies Direct Access to “Latest and Greatest” Technology Solutions

Third-Party Interfaces Allow PrimeRx Pharmacies Direct Access to “Latest and Greatest” Technology Solutions

Back in 2020, which seems like a lifetime ago, Micro Merchant Systems CEO Ketan Mehta was asked in a ComputerTalk discussion about the importance of third-party interfaces in adding value to his company’s signature PrimeRx™ technology system. “We look at an interface through the lens of what value it offers the pharmacy,” Mehta said and cited several recently added interfaces to the growing portfolio of third-party solutions available to PrimeRx™ pharmacy users.

Several of those interfaces, it turned out, would be instrumental in helping pharmacists.

  • ScriptDrop, for example, helped pharmacies manage delivery services Script Management Partners automated the immunization registry reporting process.
  • EnlivenHealth IVR automatically answers phone calls to the pharmacy professionally and consistently during peak periods to maximize workflow efficiency.
  • Two new eMARs (electronic medication administration records) interfaces also proved enormously helpful during the long months of the pandemic.

Micro Merchant Systems has long partnered with third-party technology providers to ensure users of the PrimeRx™ management system have continual access to the industry’s most innovative and helpful breakthroughs. By tapping into third-party solutions, ComputerTalk notes, a pharmacy technology company can have ready access to solutions for imminent pharmacy needs.

“Developing interfaces for pharmacy clients can be complex and time-consuming and come with unforeseen costs,” the article noted, “but pharmacy owners don’t have months to waste when they see a business opportunity.” Currently, PrimeRx™ users have direct access to approximately 100 different interfaces, each of which addresses a critical pharmacy need. This is a growing list, with new solutions added as they come to market and are evaluated.

PrimeRx™ portfolio of interfaces include:

  • Google’s Local Inventory App – Google’s Local Inventory App helps a local pharmacy appear in consumer searches. A small device attaches to the pharmacy’s point-of-sale barcode scanner. When a product is scanned, it is immediately added to a “Google local inventory page” located on the pharmacy’s website. The pharmacy will then appear as a buying option for subsequent searches for that product.
  • Real-Time Prescription Benefit by Surescripts – Provides pharmacists with the medication benefit information in each patient’s plan. Direct access to this information lets pharmacy staff knows immediately if a prescribed medication is covered by a patient’s plan, eliminating the time-consuming task of manually having to look up this information. Real-Time Prescription Benefit also identifies therapeutic alternatives that are on the patient’s plan formulary.
  • Rx2Go – Medication courier service that specializes in prescription deliveries. The current coverage area includes New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and California.
  • ScriptAbility – Offers prescription labeling solutions for patients who are blind or visually impaired.
  • PMP NarxCare® – PDMP solution for states that provides prescribers and dispensers with accurate, regulation-compliant PDMP data.

Micro Merchant Systems carefully selects interfaces that complement PrimeRx™ and provide meaningful benefits to its customers’ pharmacy operations. Many interfaces are offered at no additional cost, while others require a subscription or a monthly fee. Once a pharmacy signs up for a particular interface, the solution integrates directly with PrimeRx™.

Pharmacies that choose the PrimeRx™ management system invest not only in the system’s core operating system but in the inherent promise from Micro Merchant Systems that the system will keep pace with changing industry needs and technological capabilities.

PrimeRx™ users are accustomed to regular software updates that simplify workflows and improve pharmacy efficiency. Equally important, PrimeRx™ pharmacies rely on Micro Merchant Systems to keep pace with the industry’s most innovative solutions and to make those solutions available through direct integration.

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