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Improve Adherence for Your Limited English Proficiency Patients with PrimeRx

Improve Adherence for Your Limited English Proficiency Patients

Twenty percent of the U.S population speak a foreign language at home. This means that when it comes to prescription labels, the small English print may not be well understood. How do you as a pharmacist ensure the safety and adherence for these Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Patients? Dual Language Labels with Translation.

Dual Language labels are a booklet style label attached securely  to the prescription bottle. Through EnVision America’s ScriptAbility suite of accessible prescription labels, this option is integrated right into PrimeRx™ to give you a solution today.

Translation of the instructions is also provided inside the ScriptAbility pharmacy software. You can easily auto-populate all the patient’s information, select translation, and get the patient out-the-door with a prescription label they can easily understand. The label features English as well as the patient’s preferred language – up to 26 languages are available.

Additional accessible prescription labels are offered by ScriptAbility. For blind and visually impaired patients, ScriptTalk Talking Labels involve placing a small electronic tag on the prescription package. The patient then uses a ScriptTalk Station (Free on Loan) or ScriptTalk Mobile App to access all the label information aloud. In addition, Large Print, Braille, and Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs) are or call 1-800-890-1180.

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